Introduction Company Profile Mission Statement  

Nibung IT Solutions Sdn Bhd (NITS) is a professional business solutions and creative services company. That's right, we get paid for being a little crazy and professional at the same time. We create the stuff that you need to get sales, inform potential customers and entertain the masses. Our outstanding of developing brand through imagery such as websites, tailor-made software, brochures, video and advertising is our greatest value proposition to our clients.

At NITS, we conceptualize, create and execute engaging software design, website design, graphic design and interactive design for humans to relate to a business, event, product or service. Our strength lies in our process and the synergy created with everyone involved. We care about the success of the overall success of our client's company. NITS takes special interest to define the project goals. The more we know, the more we can ideate effectively.

Clients choose NITS when they want to work with a lab that understands marketing goals and advertising power - they are also looking at the project through the eyes of their audiences. We have a style that is attractive and hypnotizing to a wide audience and we explore new ways to present ideas and concepts to the world.