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Rising costs and budgetary constraints are a continuing challenge for educational institutions including schools, colleges, and universities that need to communicate with multiple audiences, reduce costs, generate new revenue streams, and stay current with new technology.

NITS website software for education makes it easy for schools, colleges, and other educational institutions to provide a single point of entry for communicating with students, parents, faculty, and alumni. With NITS, educational institutions can cost-effectively develop and build rich, interactive websites that make it easy to disseminate and collect up-to-date information; promote special events, activities, and programs; and generate recurring revenue streams through alumni donations.

Increase institutional brand awareness with one point of entry
Facilitate communications with students, faculty, and staff
Reduce administrative costs
Enable different departments and teachers to update sections of the website
Promote special events, programs, and activities
Link multiple sites and consolidate them into one
Make it easy for alumni and donors to make donations online
Enable online registration and payment
Post grades, homework assignments, and curricula

NITS web empowerment solutions is the website development and content management software solution of choice for educational institutions that trust NITS to extend their reach to the web. Find out how leading educational institutions are benefiting by using NITS website solutions for education to develop and build powerful, affordable websites.