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Streamlining operations, reducing administrative costs, and providing more effective public service are top priorities at all levels of government. Thatís why more government agencies are extending their processes to the web with interactive websites that improve communications, simplify operations, and enhance efficiency.

NITS turnkey government websites provide a single, cohesive point of access that enables multiple departments to maintain and update their own areas of the site - without a dedicated webmaster or fully staffed IT department. Citizens and businesses can conveniently access the most up-to-date information, forms, and resources, while agencies and municipalities improve communications with e-newsletters, news articles, broadcast email, and FAQs.

Consolidate multiple sites into a single, cohesive point of entry
Reduce administrative costs
Publish content without delays and with total control
Empower each public department to maintain its own section of the site
Streamline knowledge sharing, information management, and collaboration
Provide convenient access to online resources and forms

NITS is the web empowerment solution of choice for a growing roster of government agencies, municipalities, and departments that trust NITS to streamline processes and communicate more effectively on the web. Find out how other government entities are benefiting from powerful, affordable websites.