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NITS solutions for the healthcare industry enable more responsive healthcare by providing a single point of access for essential online resources, information, forms, and services. Healthcare providers, physicians, hospitals and medical organizations can cost-effectively communicate with special interest groups and promote events, seminars, and programs.

NITS web empowerment software provides hospitals with the automated tools they need to increase foundation membership and sponsorships with online directories, photo albums, and registration forms. Convenient online access to physician’s directories, insurance, and medical forms, along with directions, hours, and admission guidelines relieves the burden on your staff while ensuring a higher level of customer satisfaction.

· Promote seminars, support group meetings, and special events
· Streamline communications among physicians, patients, and employees
· Reduce administrative costs by enabling each department / medical center to maintain its own area of the website
· Enhance communications via e-newsletters, articles, email, and online FAQs
· Promote foundation membership and donations with online membership directory and donation mechanisms

NITS is the web empowerment solution of choice for all types of healthcare organizations that trust NITS to extend their reach to the web. Find out how leading hospitals and medical associations are benefiting from powerful, affordable websites.