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Effective communication is essential to maintaining and growing membership-based organizations. NITS web empowerment solutions help all types of organizations increase membership, reduce costs, publicize events, and build traffic by more than 60 percent, providing the easy-to-use tools you need to:

Increase, retain, and service your membership
Boost profitability by offering different memberships levels
Create a members-only section for preferred members
Reduce costs of printing and mailing via online newsletters
Connect members to an online reference library
Promote monthly meetings / events and sell tickets online
Share photos and news from recent events
Provide a membership directory with a searchable database
Update the site instantly without a webmaster or dedicated IT staff

All Types of Organizations

NITS solutions for organizations are ideal for all types of membership based organizations:

  Trade Association
  Chambers of Commerce
  Faith-based organizations
  Non-profit organizations

Membership-based organizations everywhere rely on NITS web empowerment solutions to help them extend their reach to the web. Find out how other organizations benefit from powerful, affordable websites.