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Providing responsive client services, generating profit, and managing complex information are leading priorities for professional firms like accounting and legal services providers. With NITS web empowerment software, professional firms can create, build, and maintain rich, interactive websites that provide a centralized forum for disseminating and collecting up-to-date information - without a dedicated webmaster or IT staff.

· Create, build, and rapidly deploy a rich, interactive website in days
· Provide password-protected access to client-only sections of the website
· Accelerate cash flow with online bill payment
· Improve client communications with email, e-newsletters, and articles
· Attract new talent with online job listings and résumé submission
· Promote services with broadcast email and e-newsletters
· Publicize events and news with online news articles and event calendars

NITS is the web empowerment software solution of choice for leading accounting and legal services firms that trust NITS to help them capitalize on the full commercial power of the web. Find out how leading professional firms are benefiting from powerful, affordable websites.